Most of the movies I made are Dutch, but sometimes I translate or subtitle them. Underneath, you can see some of them. Have fun!

Autumn in the Belgian Ardennes

Autumn is a very important period in the Belgian Ardennes. Watch how beavers, badgers, wild boars and red deer prepare themselves for the upcoming winter!

Badgers on the road

Traffic can have a big impact on badger populations. Luckely, in the Belgian Voer-region, effective measures are taken to prevent this negative impact.

Wildlife in Bialowieza, Poland

You can find a lot of fascinating animals in the fantastic Bialowieza forest in Poland. In this short movie, you can see of my observations in my recent Bialowieza-visit.

Predator and prey: Ethiopian wolves and giant mole-rats

In the Bale Mountains in Ethiopia, we went looking for Ethiopian wolves and their main prey, giant mole-rats. We were very lucky and found a nest!

A colourful tale in shades of grey

This is my first longer documentary. It was selected for the Festival de l’Oiseau et de la Nature in Abbeville, France. The festival will be in April 2016.

The nocturnal lifestyle of the European panda is very fascinating, but rather unknown by many people. In this shortfilm we meet a magnificent badger-family in the Belgian Voer-region. With four newborns in the sett, it’s going to be quite a buzzy year!


Belgian biologists in action: catching lesser-masked weavers in Ethiopia

A team of Belgian biologists tries to capture lesser-masked weavers (Ploceus intermedius) in the remote Ethiopian Nechisar National Park by using mist nets.